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Real Time Auditors is the Top Audit Firm in UAE proposing all types of audit services in Dubai. We are registered Auditors in Dubai Freezone & banks.
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Internal Audit Services
We provide Internal Audit Services all over the UAE
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External Audit Services
We provide Enternal Audit Services all over the UAE
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Audit and Assurance Services

Let the best Chartered Accountants in Dubai provide you with the assurance required by the Stakeholders of your Company such as Banks..

Internal Audit Services

Internal audits are very valuable tools for assuring a business’s management is following a correct path to business growth and profitability.

External Audit Services

An External Audit is an investigation and analysis of a business’s financial state performed by an Audit Firm not affiliated with the business being audited.

Why RT Accountant for Audit in the UAE?

We Real Time Auditors & Consultants is present in the market for the last 10 years with the highest professional quality, real-time service, and maintaining ethical values. Our qualified chartered accountants at various levels of execution of assignments ensure that requirements as per International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs), auditing standards, and relevant legal provisions are properly complied with.

Other Audit & Assurance Services:

Internal & External Audit FAQ's

People Usualy Ask

Internal Audit is a mixture of Assurance & Consulting Services. An assurance service involves examining evidence to express an opinion about an entity’s systems, operations, functions or other matters. The consulting service includes adding value and providing improvement recommendations for internal controls, risk management and entity management.

An internal audit can be performed by an internal audit team (employees of the accounting unit) or an external audit firm. Internal auditors report to the audit committee or the board of directors. Senior management may also initiate an internal audit.

Internal audit is not mandatory in the UAE. However, it is best practice to have an internal audit as it will add value and improve internal controls, processes, risk management and organizational governance. Internal audit will also reduce the risk of fraud through regular reviews and strengthened controls and processes.

An external audit is usually carried out annually. In the case of new entities, the audit period can be extended to 18 months from the date of establishment. At the same time, it must not be shorter than 6 months. The subsequent audit period will be for a period of 12 months and this period may be extended up to 15 months in the case of some free zones. If the company management needs a special audit, it can be carried out for a different period or even several years.

Internal audits are responsible for measuring current performance of business and finding the flaws areas. External audits focus on proving the correctness and truthfulness of the financial statements

The method of appointment, qualification and reporting format of the external auditor is defined by law, which varies from jurisdiction to country.

Auditors must be members of one of the recognized professional accounting bodies. Auditors usually address their reports to the shareholders of a corporation or the owners of a business unit. Auditors are subject to strict rules to maintain their integrity and ensure independence.

Audits have become almost mandatory in the UAE both in free zones and onshore. In free zones, the authorities insist on submitting audit reports as a mandatory requirement for renewing a company’s license. Onshore, an annual audit is required under UAE company law. In addition, wherever the bank has materially financed, they will insist on the submission of an audit report for the continuation of financial instruments. Sometimes suppliers, customers or other interested parties will request a financial audit report from time to time. With the introduction of VAT in the UAE, company management will most likely have an additional responsibility to confirm turnover through an audit report.

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External Auditing Services

We believe external audit as an opportunity, not an overhead. It's a chance to take a look under the hood of your business and make sure everything is in line.

Due Diligence Audit Services

In business, a due diligence audit is a process of identifying legal and financial risks associated with investing in a particular business.

IFRS Advisory Services

Almost every business in the UAE with a statutory reporting requirement has to follow International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRS).

Internal Audit Services

An effective, perceptive internal audit function provides courage to leaders that their business can meet the demands of changing environments.

Operational Audit Services

Operational Audit is a systematic process of evaluating an organization’s operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Forensic Audit Services

Company accounts can hide a multitude of fraud. It needs an expert forensic audit to identify and prevent the same by a forensic audit firm like us.

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